7 Unnecessary Household items to Sell Online Today

10 Jul , 2017 Articles

7 Unnecessary Household items to Sell Online Today

Every one of us hoards unnecessary items in our houses that can be flipped online for cash. We aren’t implying to sell everything you own and live a minimal life. However, all of us have things in our homes that have simply run their course. Selling these things on eBay or other ecommerce platforms would certainly help you understand their value. Normally where we just throw these things away, earning some extra cash can do no harm.

We have listed 10 household items that should be collected and sold instead of throwing away as waste.

    1. Books – Every book has some value to a person despite the book’s genre or age. If you have course books, advertise in your college/school by pinning down posters. Also, if you have books from same author, sell them in a bundle. Lastly, put the other books on eBay for a single pound or sell them directly to a rag service.
    2. DVDs – With the multimedia age, DVDs have become obsolete however their demand is still there in the second-hand market. Therefore make sets of these old DVDs and exchange them in your local CEX with on-spot cash. You can also sell on platforms such as Music Magpie or We Buy Books.

  1. CDs – With Spotify and Amazon Music, CDs industry is long gone therefore getting rid of your old record CDs is imperative. Look for special editions or promos as their exclusivity can earn you some hard cash. If not then simply sell them at the local store or online sites.
  2. Clothes – Yes, clothes are surprisingly a huge commodity in the reselling market. One can easily clear out their wardrobe so don’t focus on just the brands. Price range may differ for expensive brands such as Ralph Lauren but any local store clothing can be sold as well. Scout for clothes you don’t wear for a long time and get rid of them.
  3. Electronic Appliances – Faulty or branded, big or small; any sort of electronic appliance could easily be sold off online. If your appliance has some fault in it, do convey it to the buyer.
  4. Furniture – While redecorating, we all must have come across unwanted furniture. Without worrying about its age and usage, you can easily find a customer. Be aware of the logistical requirements for furniture selling and make the right choice for the ecommerce site accordingly.
  5. Sporting Goods – These goods are the most neglected in most households however their market is huge. Therefore sell them today in your local store or on any online store such as Shpock, Facebook Marketplace etc.

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